Airtight® Galvanized Pipe with Wide Mouth Plastic Hood and Pest Guard Kit

  • 4 inch diameter
  • Complete dryer venting kit for new or replacement dryer vent installation
  • Includes Airtight dryer vent hood with pest guard, UL2158A flex duct and two metal worm clamps
  • UL Listed 2158A supurr-flex clothes dryer transition duct
  • Vent hood and pest guard are UV resistant to help it from discoloring the sun and it's also compatible to match the exterior of your home
  • Description

    This complete dryer venting kit includes a dampered vent hood with bird and pest guard, 4 in. x 8 ft. flex duct, two metal worm clamps and our proprietary Airtight technology pipe. This product operates quietly for maximum exhaust air flow and includes a bird guard to help keep birds and pests from entering the home or outdoor dryer vents. Both the vent hood and bird guard are durable, weather-resistant and include a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage and cracking. The Airtight pipe improves air flow and appliance efficiency to help reduce drying times and prevent moisture from leaking into your home.

  • Details
    Collection Airtight®
    Color Silver
    Item Height 15.25
    Item Length (Depth) 12.5
    Item Weight (lbs) 1.6
    Item Width 6.25
    Material Galvanized
    Product Category Venting/Duct Kit
    UL Listing 2158A
    Venting Type Dryer Venting