Draft Blocker - 4"

  • SKU: BD04
  • Easily attaches to vent pipe and duct
  • Helps prevent cold air from entering home through exhaust vent
  • Ideal for bathroom venting
  • Plastic construction with balanced damper comes fully assembled
  • Description

    Keep cold air from entering your home through vents with a 4-inch diameter draft blocker.

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  • Details
    Item Height 9.25
    Item Length (Depth) 1.25
    Item Weight (lbs) 0.15
    Item Width 7.25
    Material Plastic
    Piece Height 5
    Piece Length (Depth) 1.25
    Piece Weight (lbs) 0.1375
    Piece Width 5
    Product Category Accessories
    Venting Type Bathroom & Kitchen Venting