60+ years of innovation, and counting

For decades, Deflecto has been dedicated to inventing smart solutions for everyday problems. After our founder, C.P. Meyer, created the first commercial-use air deflector in 1960, he quickly realized his invention could also help homeowners save energy costs and stay comfortable year-round.

Meyer inspired a company culture of innovation, and a few years later a clever (and busy) Deflecto employee turned an air deflector upside down to store invoices. The world’s first wall pocket was born.

Deflecto’s innovative spirit continues to this day. We hold hundreds of patents and produce more than 10,000 different items for customers around the world.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of chair mats, bicycle reflectors, and dryer venting, and a global leader in sign and literature holdersoffice workspace accessoriesstorage solutions, personal safety, transportation safety, and numerous air distribution products.