How to Unroll a Chair Mat

Deflecto chair mats are rolled for the consumer's convenience when transporting the product. To unroll the chair mat, make sure it is at least room temperature, unroll on a hard surface and place weight on all four corners. The chair mat should lay flat in 12 to 24 hours (warmer areas with direct sunlight will shorten the time needed). View our Chair Mat Unrolling Instructions video.

Chair Mat Unrolling Instructions

This chair mat has been rolled to reduce shipping time and cost to you. Remove straps and allow the mat to adjust to room temperature. The warmer the chair mat the quicker it will lay flat. Try a warm room or direct sunlight. Click for French Instructions Here. 


Remove chair mat from the box and cut straps. For easier unrolling, allow the chair mat to warm up to room temperature, approximately 1-2 hours.


With the mat on its side, pull the leading edge away from the mat onto the flooring. Kneel on edge to hold in place. Grasp open ends and lift to unroll. We recommend using two people.


Apply weight on 4 corners allowing several hours to flatten. The warmer the chair mat, the quicker it will lay flat. Try a warm room with direct sunlight.