Extra Heat® Dryer Heat Diverter

  • SKU: P-EX12
  • Easy to install
  • Deflects heat outside in warm weather
  • Deflects dryer heat and humidity into the home in cold weather
  • Save energy and lower heating costs
  • Save the heat from your electric clothes dryer and divert it into your room
    • Description

      Save energy and reduce heating costs with our Extra Heat® Dryer Heat Diverter, an inline diverter that deflects the heat and humidity from your dryer’s exhaust into your home. An adjustable flap allows you to bring the warm air in during the colder months or send it outside during the warmer months. Attach standard dryer transition ducts (not included) to the 4” diameter openings with the included 4” plastic clamps. Clean the filter screen after each use for optimal performance and safety. In small rooms, open the doors for adequate distribution of heat and moisture. Please follow these safety warnings: Do not vent gas clothes dryers into bathrooms or bedrooms. Some building codes may restrict the use of this product, always check the local codes in your area. Use with Deflecto Supurr-Flex Clothes Dryer Transition Duct (not included).

    • Details
      Item Height 7.875
      Item Length (Depth) 5.875
      Item Weight (lbs) 1 lb.
      Item Width 5.375
      Material Plastic
      Piece Height 5.875
      Piece Length (Depth) 5.0
      Piece Weight (lbs) 0.94
      Piece Width 4.5
      Product Category Accessories
      Venting Type Dryer Venting