Electrostatic Register Air Filter

  • SKU: P-RFILT412/4
  • Charged with static electricity to attract and trap particles
  • Fits 4" x 12" registers, or trim to fit 4" x 10" registers or smaller
  • Keep dirt and other objects out of duct work
  • Check filter periodically for excess build-up and replace when necessary
    • Description

      Take air filtering to the next level with the Deflecto® Air Filters. These electrostatic filters charged with static electricity reduce airborne particles such as dirt, dust, smoke, pollen and animal hair. They help keep dirt and objects from falling into ducts and they control the spread of pet dander through your HVAC system. Universal 4″ x 12″ size can be trimmed to fit 4″ x 10″ registers. Increase comfort and improve the air quality in your home by choosing Deflecto Air Filters for an enhanced living experience!

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