Draft Blocker – 4″

  • SKU: P-BD04
  • Helps prevent cold air from entering home through exhaust vent
  • Plastic construction with balanced damper comes fully assembled
  • Easily attaches to vent pipe and duct
  • Ideal for bathroom venting
    • Description

      Keep cold air from entering your home through vents with a 4-inch diameter draft blocker.

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    • Details
      Item Height 9.25
      Item Length (Depth) 1.25
      Item Weight (lbs) 0.15
      Item Width 7.25
      Material Plastic
      Piece Height 5.0
      Piece Length (Depth) 1.25
      Piece Weight (lbs) 0.1375
      Piece Width 5.0
      Product Category Accessories
      Venting Type Bathroom & Kitchen Venting