Dryer Vent Hood 4″ Wide Mouth White

  • Removable Bird Guard keeps birds and other pests from entering homes or nesting in outdoor vent
  • Vent cover and Bird Guard vent hood are durable, weather-resistant and include a UV inhibitor to prevent sun damage and cracking
  • Pre-assembled with rigid 4 in dia. vent pipe and collar
  • Damper helps seal outdoor dryer exhaust vent when not in operation to help prevent back drafts
    • Description

      Wide Mouth Dryer Vent includes a dampered vent hood, bird guard, rigid aluminum pipe, and plastic collar. Check the bird guard periodically for lint or other debris and remove if present.

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    • Details
      Item Height 6.375
      Item Length (Depth) 14.75
      Item Weight (lbs) 0.765
      Item Width 5.75
      Material Aluminum/Plastic
      Piece Height 6.375
      Piece Length (Depth) 14.75
      Piece Weight (lbs) 0.765
      Piece Width 5.75
      Product Category Hoods/Vents
      Venting Type Dryer Venting