Under Furniture Air Deflector

  • Use on floor registers up to 11" wide
  • Air deflector redirects hot or cold air from under furniture and into a room
  • Saves energy on heating and cooling costs
  • Included clips keep air deflector together once extended
  • For central forced air heating and cooling systems
    • Description

      This air vent extender attaches to floor vent covers and directs forced air out from under furniture and into the room. Use under couches, chairs, beds, dressers, and more and can extend up to 35 inches. With one of these vent diverters under your furniture, you can be sure that the heat coming from one’s furnace is being circulated as effectively as possible.

      Putting one of our floor vent extenders under your furniture means you won’t need to crank the thermostat. Nor do you have to move couches around the room to have the most efficient distribution of warmth throughout the space. This saves you time and labor as well as gives you the potential to lower your heating bills.

      Our register deflectors are available in bulk orders for commercial suppliers and in single units for consumers.

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    • Details
      Item Height 20.75
      Item Length (Depth) 2.0
      Item Weight (lbs) 1.0
      Item Width 11.75
      Material Plastic
      Piece Height 1.25
      Piece Length (Depth) 20.0
      Piece Weight (lbs) 0.5
      Piece Width 11.25
      Product Category Air Deflectors / Vent Covers