Baseboard Air Deflector

  • SKU: 53
  • Adjusts to fit baseboards from 15-25" wide
  • For central forced air heating and cooling applications
  • Powerful magnets keep air deflector secured to metal floor register
  • Promotes comfortable, circulated air flow and energy savings
  • Redirects forced air and delivers more consistent coverage when used as a vent cover for baseboard registers
  • Description
    Direct forced air in the direction you want. Clear air deflector fits metal baseboards between 15-25 inches long. Includes filter to help trap dust, pollen and lint. Suitable for both central air heating and cooling applications. Built-in magnets secure air deflector to the register.
  • Details
    Item Height 15.375
    Item Length (Depth) 5
    Item Weight (lbs) 0.9
    Item Width 2.75
    Material Plastic
    Piece Height 4.5
    Piece Length (Depth) 3.25
    Piece Weight (lbs) 0.88
    Piece Width 15
    Product Category Air Deflectors / Vent Covers