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Shabby Chic Pencil Holder

4/23/2016 | Lynn Lilly
I am a sucker for office and storage supplies. I get positively giddy when I go into an office supply store. But sometimes, the supplies are just a little plain for my tastes. So I like to take those supplies and turn them into something that I can take pride in and place on a desk. Today’s project is just that — I took a pencil holder and turned it into a pretty shabby chic piece!

I started with Deflecto’s pink pencil cup with photo frames. Now just this holder by itself is adorable because, hey, it’s pink!

But I wanted to fancy it up a bit, so I decorated the outside of the cup using beautiful organza rose ribbon from Maya Road.

I then went to work on the inside of the pencil holder, attaching some vintage-print ribbon, a vintage button, and an iron-on letter from JOY embroidered letters (I just used a hot glue gun to attach the letter rather than iron it on). I wanted a vintage feel for the photos in the frames too so I used paper from 7Gypsies and Salvage Stickers: Lost and Found from Tim Holtz. As Tim calls them, “found relatives”!

This would make an awesome gift for mom or grandmother for Mother’s Day. But shhh… don’t tell my mom!

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