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7/26/2016 | Lynn Lilly


BY LYNN LILLY From Craft box girls
A year ago in April I went camping for my very first time. This camping trip was spurred on by a client who wanted Craft Box Girls to appear at their Bonnaroo activation as DIY Experts. Rosanna and I set out on a journey to make our first camping trip a great experience and take notes along the way to share it with other first time campers. Since this first camping trip, I have been camping two times and might call myself a pro (maybe-eeee). I have compiled a list of helpful tips, key products and useful information to make your first time camping trip a great experience in true girl fashion.

Start Organized & Stay Organized
Start organized and stay organized. Deflecto’s Stackable Caddy Organizer is my go to for camping organization. From packing camping tools and key supplies to toys and craft supplies to keep the kids occupied on the campsite, the Stackable Caddy Organizer is the perfect solution to stay organized.

The organizers also have a nifty lift and lock feature that provides for easy stacking and traveling!

When it comes time to showering, it is important to find out ahead of time if the campsite has showers. If so you want to be prepared with a waterproof shower caddy (the one pictured is from the Dollar Store), shower shoes and all your shower supplies. I always carry my soap in a washcloth turned soap pocket and my shampoo, body wash and lotion in Deflecto’s Interlocking Storage Tower. The Storage Tower provides compact storage that is waterproof and easily fits travel size bottles.

For more useful tips on what to bring when camping, visit the Craft Box Girls Post here.

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