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8/25/2016 | Lynn Lilly


by Aimee Broussard

If we are going to be best friends, I need you to know how crazy I am when it comes to being organized. I thrive on organization. You know how some people can still function properly if a room is disheveled? I’m not one of those people. In fact, on most days, I’m behind schedule because I can’t begin the day’s project until everything is in its place and my project is completely laid out….and organized.

If I were to come to your non-organized home, I would not hold your lack of organization against you but I would likely offer to help organize you. For fun.

I think my love for organization might’ve began in junior high. When I first laid my eyes on a label maker. Aaaahhhh…..the ability to put labels on things.
I am equally as crazy as about baking, too. If you’ve been around my blog for any amount of time you know that I love being in the kitchen, and I love whipping up something delicious to share with family and friends. I’m addicted to purchasing baking supplies, too. Sprinkles are my weakness even though I rarely use them in recipes. Cookie cutters are my demise even though I’m no expert cookie maker.
What I’m sad to admit, however, is that my organization of said baking supplies was quite embarrassing for someone who claims to love tidyness. I blame the small size of piping tips! And can those little bottle of gel coloring be any more annoying? My current method of organization was to stash everything in a deep drawer in the kitchen.
Madness every single time I got ready to work on some decorated cookies. Find the cutter. Purchase gel coloring I already had but didn’t know I had because it was lost in the deep dark drawer. Locate the piping tip for royal icing. Dig out the piping bags.
You get the idea.
Imagine my sheer delight when I signed as one of the new Deflecto Brand Ambassadors. Deflecto is a company that has been around for more than 50 years serving the Art, Craft and Education market as well as the office products industry. You can purchase their products at and, as well as Amazon in the coming months.
The Stackable Caddy Organizer changed my life. Well, at least, my baking life that is.

No more digging anything out of the drawer dungeon. I simply organize all my supplies in each of the clear, REMOVABLE compartments, lock them in, and then stack as many caddies as I need to one another. When I’m ready to decorate, I simply grab the caddy by the handle and carry it to my workspace.
Pull out the container that I’m utilizing that day and decorate as usual.

No more buying duplicate gel coloring because now I quickly inventory (because I can see the darn things!) before heading to the store.

And let’s just say you invite me over to bake & decorate cookies. I can quickly grab my caddy and come on over with everything I might need to create some cutely decorated cookies. Traveling with your baking supplies? YES, please.
Each month I’ll be highlighting one of the Deflecto craft organization solutions and my organization loving heart is oh, so excited.

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