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A Decorative Alternative For The Family Refrigerator.

11/30/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, Sue here and this picture of me with my grandsons is one of my favorite photos. It’s been hanging around on the fridge for a couple of years now. 
I decided to make a Framed Magnetic Memo Board that I can hang on the wall and swap out the photo’s in the magnetic frames whenever I feel like it.
I started with an old picture frame with the glass removed. 
I adhered the Magnetic Craft Sheet from Deflecto using double sided adhesive on the frame backing with the black magnetic side up. 
Next, I covered the black magnetic sheet with a “thin” piece of plaid scrapbook paper and inserted it back into the frame. (TIP: using thin paper is the key to the magnetic sheets sticking together) 
To make frames: Cover magnetic sheets with scrapbook paper. Cut magnetic sheet with a craft knife and mat or use a wood die cut frame to cut out the frames. 
You can also create small word magnets using scrapbook paper and the magnetic craft sheets. 
Thin metal dies will not work to cut the magnetic sheets, but it would be a great way to store them!
For more creative ideas you can visit Sue’s blog Sue’s Creative Workshop.

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