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Easy Ribbon and Twine Organization Tutorial

3/02/2018 | Lynn Lilly

All those ribbon and twine can be difficult to stay organized if your supply is rather large. By using the interlocking tilt bins and adorable labels, you can keep all your ribbon and twine tidy and organized!


  • Deflecto Interlocking Single Tilt Bins
  • Spellbinders Die Cutting Machine
  • Spellbinders Die Cuts
  • Xyron Creative Station with Repositionable Refill
  • TomBow Dual Tip Pens
  • Colored Paper


Step One

Cut out the labeles using the die cutting machine and die cuts. Use two different sizes to get a layer effect for the label.

Step Two

Adhere to two sizes together using the Xyron Creative Station by turning the smaller size into a sticker.

Step Three

Write on each label using the TomBow pens. I matched each pen with the colored paper.

Step Four

Run the label through the Creative Station again.  Adhere the labels onto the interlocking tilt bins.

Step Five

Fill the tilt bins with supplies.

Step Six

Hang using the wall mounting bar for more storage options!

Now you have an easy way to keep your ribbons and twines tidy and stored beautifully! If you have a lot, you might want to group by color. Each tilt bin should hold a different color. This would make it easy to find the perfect ribbon for each project!!

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