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Paint Storage Solutions with Deflecto Wall Mounting Bars

10/16/2019 | Lynn Lilly

Paint Storage Solutions with Deflecto Wall Mounting Bars and Stackable Caddy Containers:

When design team member Anita Scroggins decided to organize her ever-growing collection of paints and brushes she used a combination of Deflecto Wall Mounting Bars and Stackable Caddy Containers, great use of her wall space.

Anita mounted four wall mounting bars above and beside the picture ledges used to display her small bottles of paint. To maximize storage, she measured her longest paintbrush and spaced the bars far enough apart so that she would have space for those long brushes no matter where she put them. Anita used a combination of Small, Medium and Large Containers, removing the lids off each one. The containers go on and off the wall mounting bar easily and straight to your work area.

The large container was perfect for storing stencils and accessories.

Read Anita’s full post here.

For Anita’s Paint Storage Wall she used:

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