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Wood Slice String Art Ornaments

12/16/2019 | Lynn Lilly

We love these adorable Rustic String Ornaments that design team member Erin Reed created using wood slices, nails, and yarn.

Making ornaments with her each family year is part of their Family Traditions.

Once supplies are gathered, Erin uses the Caddy Storage Tray to keep everything organized. The tray makes it easy for the kids to find the pieces they need to finish their ornaments. The little bits of yarn, nails, twine, and wood slices all fit perfectly.

Erin creates the ornaments by drawing simple shapes onto the wood slices and adds small nails to the design while adding a little loop to the end of the yarn to start winding it around the nails. With a little help pounding in the nails, even younger kids can make these ornaments.

Read Erin’s full tutorial post here.

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