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Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

1/11/2021 | Lynn Lilly
The New Year is the perfect opportunity for making resolutions, renewing your goals, and reorganizing your home. I like to start off each January with a deep clean and organization to set myself up for success for the new start. Here are my top 10 tips for getting organized in the New Year.

  1. Set Manageable Goals – In order to stay organized, set manageable goals for yourself. Write down three things every morning that you can realistically accomplish. At the end of the day, you’ll feel more accomplished and encouraged to tackle all those little tasks.
  2. Get with the Flow – When organizing your space, first declutter. A mess is necessary in order to get a good, organized flow of your area. Put most used items in easy to reach places or at eye level if it’s on a shelf. Things that aren’t used, frequently, put away in lower drawers, cabinets, shelves.
  3. Establish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routines –  As a busy mom and business owner, I know the importance of establishing a daily, weekly, and monthly routine. I need a clear, set routine to keep everything moving and in-order. In my office corner, I keep my daily, weekly, and monthly schedules separate. Visually, it can be overwhelming looking at my monthly calendar when I just need to know what to do just for that day, so I separate my schedules into different drawers using the Three-Drawer Organizer. That way I know exactly where and what I need for that exact moment. 
  4. Track Your Progress –  A big part of staying organized is tracking your progress for the whole family, especially for the kids. Create new and helpful habits for your little ones. I found a fun way to keep track of our progress by adding stickers to a chore chart. My daughter, Lily, loves to check off her chores with stickers. It makes keeping us organized fun and simple!
  5. Choose One Area at a Time –  Organizing can be overwhelming at times. Instead of having a large project to complete by a deadline, break it down into smaller, more manageable bites. Choose one area at a time to organize. I usually tell myself: “Today I’m going to organize my closet today.” That’s a manageable chore, instead of cleaning every single closet in my house.
  6. Find a Home for Everything – In the past, whenever me or my husband needed a nail, I used to dig through several buckets before I was able to find one. Now, I’ve started keeping all my tools, nails, and screws, perfectly organized in the garage. The Stackable Caddy Organizer Multi-Pack Bundle makes the perfect toolbox (and the rolling wheels base makes it so easy to move around to whatever project I need it for!). By finding a home for everything, I am able to simplify my life and make it less stressful. 
  7. Color Code – I love color-coding. It’s so incredibly easy to get organized when everything is visually and aesthetically in order. My favorite way to do this is arranging it similar to a rainbow – white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and black.
  8. Divide And Conquer –  Organizing is not for the faint of heart. We all need a little help to get and stay organized. That’s why I rely on my family to help me divide and conquer messy situations. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. When everyone pitches in, we all get the work done in time.
  9. Create New Storage Solutions – If your current organization system isn’t working, it might be time to switch up your organization game. Don’t be afraid to be creative in making new storage solutions! I recently started using Tilt Bin® Interlocking Storage Organizer for my electronics. With the unique interlocking system, this organizer is perfect for keeping all my chargers, wires, and other electronic gear all in one place instead of all over the house.
  10. Set Reminders – Set reminders on your calendar or phone to revisit the newly organized space to keep up the good habits. The secret to an organized home is to stay organized. By setting yourself periodic reminders, you maintain the function and order.
Now it’s time to celebrate your success in your newly organized space! The New Year is the perfect time to reinvent a new you. With these simple tips, you can achieve your organizational dreams. #DeflectoAtHome

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