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Celebrate Dad with deflecto!

7/10/2015 | Lynn Lilly
Deflecto has a beautiful frame that is perfect for appreciating Dad.  This is a magnetic frame that holds front and back together, securing the artwork in the frame.  This works nicely to display most anything.  Collector  postage stamps, special collectors cards or a small memory page like I made for the project shown below. 
First, let me introduce myself.  Since I post to the blog, it would be weird if someone else did it!  Below the Bio is the project that I created to show appreciation to my special guy!
Designer, Marilyn Gossett
deflecto USA Design Team Coordinator
About me:  I have worked in and around the craft industry as a designer, author, product developer and consultant for 25 years.  I am a happy homemaker, wife to Jamie and mom to Lauren.  We have several furry family members who like to hang out underfoot when I am creating in my home studio. Studio Cat, Tucker Dog and Riley Roo, a long haired dachshund puppy.  I feel blessed to get to do the work that I love and  to have a patient husband who puts up with all of my creative messes!

If you would like instructions for this project, you can visit my blog.  You will find them at the following link:   

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