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Introducing our Deflecto USA Ambassador Design Team for 2015 – 2016

9/07/2015 | Lynn Lilly

Hope you have all been enjoying the Summer!  

We have new, exciting products coming to our craft division at deflecto this next year.  They will be revealed at the CHA Mega Show in Anaheim in January, 2016.  Our products can be found on Amazon and in various retail craft stores across the nation.  Visit our Crafts website at to check out our products.

If you visit our Facebook Fan Page you will see past designs from our out-going team and new projects from our incoming team!  Here is the link to our Facebook page!  If you enjoy what you see, please give our page a “Like”!

We are proud to announce 
our USA Ambassador Design Team
2015 – 2016

Our designers hail from all parts of the country.  Oregon, Texas, California, Georgia, Arizona and Illinois!  We will be showcasing their unique styles and talent on a regular basis, so stay in touch!

The kids are going back to school and we have a line-up of designs for the month of September to inspire your creativity.  Connect with us on Facebook as we keep the hits coming!  

Hope you are having a great day!

Design Team Coordinator

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