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Santa Belly Party with Deflecto

12/13/2015 | Lynn Lilly
Celebrate the Holidays with Deflecto! A peek at new product!!

Is anybody else excited about attending the CHA Mega Show in January?? I sure am! I will be teaching a workshop and Make n’ Takes for Deflecto and can’t wait to see everyone!

Holiday celebrations are in full swing! I recently had a party at my house, and I got to use the brand spankin’ new 3-tiered dessert rack by Deflecto! This versatile rack can be decorated in numerous ways to fit in with your party theme. I used some decorative Santa Belly paper tape by Little B. I applied it around the edges of the tiered platters. I had a Santa Belly theme going as you can see!

The 3-tiered rack starts out flat. This makes for easy storing, easy mantling and dismantling!

Below is a picture of the rack with the paper tape that I used before assembling and decorating.

Below is the rack after it is assembled. The weather here has been dark and rainy. There wasn’t a good way for me to get this picture. You do get the idea, though, right?

Deflecto has many products that are perfect for any celebration or party! I used their risers, sign holders, (small and mini), and the clips for connecting signage to your displays. Check out the website for the crafts division at for all of your signage and storage needs!

Below are some more photos of the party table and Deflecto products that I used.

The gal in the photo below was graciously helping me by holding an ice cylinder for me. We were just getting the party started. The Santa Belly cones shown below were our party favors. I used more of the Santa Belly tape to decorate the painted paper mache’ cones.

Hope you got some inspiration on this blog today. Be sure to come and see us at the Deflecto booth at the CHA mega show in January! We will be showing off all of the new products and have some very fun events in store. Did I mention there is prize money involved??

Be sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and

Live Life with Flourish!

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