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Be My Valentine – a Sweetheart of a Frame!

2/11/2016 | Lynn Lilly
February is the month of LOVE!
I was cleaning out my studio and found this picture of my daughter that I couldn’t bring myself to shove in a file.  Since she is grown up and gone from home, I figured that this photo would be a way to keep her around me in the area I work in every day!

If you like this project, you will need a few supplies to get started.

You will need:
Photograph:  8-1/2″ x 11″
Cardstock:  12 x 12″ sheets; 3 (or other colors of your choosing); 1 Black; 1 Green
Embroidered Letters:  X O in pink 
Faux Rhinestone Trim:  Black and Clear with self adhesive back
Paper Trimmer

Flowers: (for one):  Cut one sheet of red cardstock into four equal squares. Cut off the four corners of the square making it round.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Cut into a spiral shape, about 3/8″ thick. Leave a little circle in the middle.  Roll the spiral into the form of a rose. Adhere the circle on the bottom to the rest of the flower to secure. A glue gun works best for this step. Especially if you have multiple flowers to secure.  I use my fingers and thumbnail to distress the edges of the rose.  Repeat for each flower.  Cut smaller squares of cardstock for smaller roses.
Leaves:  I cut the leaves with my Cricut machine.  You can opt for a die or cut them by hand.  If you cut out a heart and cut it in two; you can shape each half into a leaf.  Add the leaves after adhering the flowers to the frame.
Close-up View of the paper roses
Adhere the photo to a slightly larger piece of black cardstock leaving about a 1/8″ to 1/4″ border.  I added a second border with red cardstock. 
Insert the photo into the frame.  Everything else is adhered to the outside of the frame.  
Embellish the frame with the self-adhesive trim.  Place and adhere the flowers than the leaves.
Adhere the letters to the bottom of the frame.

I love making paper roses. I will be making table decorations for my daughter’s wedding this coming Summer and I will be using Deflecto surfaces with lots of paper roses. I will post my progress in another blog or two. I am excited about the wedding and look forward to getting to DIY much of the decor for the wedding. Stay tuned!

Hope you got some inspiration here today.  Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,
Live Life with a Flourish!
Happy February!

Products used can be purchased at, or you can click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

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