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Rotating Carousel Craft Organizer With Video

3/11/2016 | Lynn Lilly
In my mind, the key to not being frustrated when crafting is knowing where your supplies are so you do not spend an hour looking for that perfect item for your project. So in that respect, organization is the key!! For me, I was sorely lacking in my organization of all my little burlap, canvas, and fabric pieces, which also includes my ropes and fringes (pretty much my Canvas Corp stash). I had them in a bag by my desk all in knots and a complete mess. It took forever to untangle it all when I needed to find just one color or piece of something. So frustrating!! Plus since it was fabrics and burlap, it would pull apart and shred on me. I lost tons of product just due to poor storage.

I had this 9 Bin Carousel Rotating Organizer sitting on my shelf empty for the last three months wondering what I could use it for. Why I never thought to put these two things together (the organizer and fabric stash) was beyond me, I chalk it up to lack of sleep and kids. Well, now they are a perfect match and check out my video on how I put it all together!!

Not only is the organizer a carousel, it is super easy to see each bin’s contents, they also pull out for easy accessibility, and they are stackable!!

Check out all the supplies this thing holds!!

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Now my burlap and canvas supply has a home, yay!! Plus on a side note, my daughter loves to play with the unit; she thinks it is just a giant rotating building block unit she can put her toys in, lol

Supplies Used:

9 Bin Carousel Rotating Organizer
Rope – Canvas Corp
Fabric – Canvas Corp
Shapes – Canvas Corp
Twine – Target


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