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Need Help Organizing Your Ribbon? Check Out Our Craft Tilt Bins!

4/11/2016 | Lynn Lilly
I have been battling with my ribbon storage for a while, pretty much just dumping it in two containers without much organization and it has gotten to be a mess! As soon as I saw the Craft Tilt Bins, I knew I had the answer to organize my ribbon/thread/lace and pretty much anything on a spool.

Here is the complete tutorial on how I organized my mess of ribbon into this neat and organized unit!!

Each color of ribbon has its own bin for easy access to help find the perfect ribbon for my crafty needs!!

In each bin, I stored each ribbon on a punch card I created from the Sign Tag sheets and then laced the ribbon through to help keep it all organized.

The beauty of these Craft Tilt Bins is that they stack and slide onto each other to make one unit!!  I used the 5 and 6 drawer tilt bin, but there are other sizes too.  They even come with hardware to mount it to the wall!

Here are the deflecto products I used to organize my ribbons

I now challenge you to organize your ribbon stash!!

Deflecto products are available through local art, craft, and educational stores, in addition to online retailers such as,, and Scrapbooking Made Simple. To find a local retailer, click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

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