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Spring Cleaning with Deflecto!!!

4/07/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, everyone! Today I would like share with two products from Deflecto Crafts. I needed to do some spring cleaning in my craft room since my paints were in bags on the floor in the corner of my room. I used the 5 Drawer Craft Tilt Bin and the 9 bin Carousel Rotating Organizer to help me organize my mess. See below just how I did it!

I used the labels that come with the 5 Drawer Craft Tilt Bin to label what was in each of the bins and to help me remember which bin to put them back in.

Deflecto products are available through local art, craft, and educational stores, in addition to online retailers such as, and Scrapbooking Made Simple. To find a local retailer, click HERE and enter your zip code to see where you can purchase Deflecto Craft products near you.

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