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Light up any celebration!

5/07/2016 | Lynn Lilly
We have discovered a little light that is perfect for lighting up party and event signage as well as many other craft projects! These lights are called Chibi Lights and are made by Chibitronics. I have used the lights to “light up” a cupcake stand for a birthday party! Read on, and I will tell you how I did it!

You will need:

Chibi Lights:  3 White Lights, coin battery, and copper tape
Deflecto:  3 Tier Dessert Stand #20201CR; VersaGrip Wide Clip Sign Holder
Birthday themed stickers
12″ Cardstock:  Coordinating colors with stickers
Trim:  2 yards of sequin & seed beads attached to ribbon
Adhesives:  tacky glue, dimensional dots
Hole Punch

  1. Unwrap and follow manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the dessert stand.  Make sure to secure all of the tabs in the slots. 
  2. Check out what is in your Chibi Lights box.  There is a small learning curve to using the lights.  I used the parallel circuit template, attaching the battery on the wrong side of the decoration.
  3. Adhere the chosen sticker to a piece of cardstock.  Cut out leaving a 1/8″ border of cardstock.  Lay on a contrasting piece of cardstock and trace around the sticker.  Repeat; cut this piece out 1/8″ larger than the traced line.
  4. Punch three holes in the sticker piece.  Lay on top of the matching piece and trace the inside of the punched holes onto the cardstock.  
  5. Adhere the copper tape following the manufacturer’s instruction on each side of the traced holes.  Leave extra tape on one end to attach the battery to the back. Attach the lights as directed.
  6. Layer and adhere the sticker piece over the top of the lights; matching the holes to the lights.
  7. Adhere this piece to the larger piece that will make the border around the sticker.
You can light up as many embellishments as you like.  The circuits will work best if no more than three lights are applied to one battery.
Embellish the stand:  Refer to photo given.  Remove the tiers from the stand.  Adhere the trim around each tier.  Replace the tiers and secure.  Adhere an embellishment to each tier using adhesive dots.  Use the wide clip sign holder to attach the chibi light embellishment to the stand.  
Hope you got some inspiration here today.  The possibilities are endless! 
To order:  Chibitronics @
Deflecto @
Hope you got some inspiration here today!

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