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Marquis Frame: Deflecto and Chibitronics

5/22/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Hi all, Jennifer Davey from Be Still My Crafting Heart.

Electronic meets craft in this fun joining of forces of Chibitronics and Deflecto. The only knowledge needed is how to build a simple circuit. Fear NOT all of the instructions are included in the Circuit Stickers Sketchbook, which is included in the STEM Starter Kit.

Deflecto Craft Frame, 5″x7″ – Black, Item Number: 69575CR
Chibitronic STEM Starter Kit
ThermoWeb Foam Squares – 1/2″ Black Squares
Black cardstock


Paper trimmer
hole punch, 1/8”


1. Create a simple circuit using copper tape provided in STEM Starter Kit, centering the circuit on the black part of the frame. I rigged my battery pack around the back so I can turn it on and off.

2. Space the chibi lights evenly around the frame making sure to keep ALL your positives on one side and negatives on the other than test the lights.

3 Create a black top for the frame by cutting a 5”x 7” hole in the center of a 7” x 9” piece of card stock. Center paper frame over and press against lights (this will emboss the paper a bit to help find light placement). Punch holes where the lights embossed the location.

4 Punch holes in the center of 14 ThermoWeb Foam Squares. Place these on black cardstock back centered on punched holes. Add a few more foam squares between light placements Peel away paper backing and place over lights.

Place a picture and enjoy! Wouldn’t this be fun for a movie party?

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