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A Wedding “Tied the Knot” Banner!

7/28/2016 | Lynn Lilly
We are looking forward to our daughter’s wedding this Summer. I have the perfect embroidered letters for the banner sentiment! Follow along and I will show you how I made it!
You will need:
Sign/banner hangers:  1 for each rosette  (Deflecto #20003CR)
JOY Letters:  3″ tall alphabet letters to spell:  TIED THE KNOT
cardstock:  fifteen 12″ x 12″ sheets of teal & black double-sided (core’dinations)
ribbon:  2-1/2″ gold wire edged; 1-1/2″ sheer vintage white (3 yards of each)
paper trimmer
paper scorer
die-cut machine
die for scalloped circle
punch or die-cut for 2″ circle, 1″ circle
glue gun
jute string
1.  Score one 12″ piece of cardstock at 1/2″ intervals.  Score across the entire sheet.
2.  With the score marks going up and down; cut out four 3″ x 12″ rectangles from the paper.
3.  Fold the score lines back and forth like for a fan.  Repeat for all 4 pieces.
4.  Match the ends and glue together with the same color facing up.
5.  For each rosette:  When all sides are glued together/ lay the rosette flat and push it together until there is about a 1″ hole in the center.  It can be tricky trying to hold it all together, but you can do it!  Apply hot glue around the opening.  Adhere one 2″ circle to cover the hole.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Make sure everything is centered properly.  Make enough rosettes for each letter of your sentiment.  This design took 11 rosettes.
6.  For this banner; the colored rosettes are staggered; one teal next to one black, then repeated.
Reverse the 4″ scallop circles and adhere black to teal, then glue the teal to a black rosette.  Refer to the photo given for this step.
7.  Lay the rosettes flat, rotating the colors; one next to the other.  Remove the adhesive from the back of one 3″ Joy letter and adhere it to the 4″ scalloped circle on the first rosette.  Be sure to spell everything correctly!  Repeat for each letter.
8.  To hang the banner:  Lay one rosette with the letter facing up if you are reading it.  Flip the rosette over and adhere a 1″ circle of cardstock where the hanger will go.  Make sure it is centered with the middle of the letter on the opposite side and will hang straight when you thread it onto the jute.  Apply the adhesive to the back of one hanger and adhere the hanger to the 1″ circle as shown.  Make sure the hole in the hanger is in the right position….going the right direction.  Repeat for each rosette.
9.  Once step 8 is accomplished; measure the jute string for the length you will need and double.  Thread two strands of the 3-ply jute string through the eye of each hanger.  **Designer note:  If you do not have the hangers… your rosettes evenly; right side facing up and glue the string between the rosette and another cardstock circle on the back.  It will be important to make sure everything is hanging at the appropriate angle for all of the letters to be straight.
10.  Tie a loop in each end of the jute so you can hang the banner.
11.  To finish:  Cut the ribbons in 8″ lengths.  Tie 4 ribbons between each word and at each end of the banner.  Now it is ready to decorate your party!
**Designer note:  You can reduce the size of your rosettes by cutting them in 2″ strips instead of 3″ strips.  You can also use 3 strips of the scored cardstock for each rosette.  This will make the rosette a little lighter in weight.
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