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Luggage Tags For The Newlyweds!

8/30/2016 | Lynn Lilly
The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon! Whether they travel by car, bus, train or plane; they might get some special service by sporting these fun tags on their luggage!

Here is what you will need:

Deflecto 3″x 5″ flexible pouch #20019CR (one each); pear clip #20012CR

JOY 1″ high embroidered letters by the sheet: pink and black

scrapbook papers: black and white stripe

cardstock: black, teal, white

glitter tape: 1/2″ wide gold

paper flowers: 3/4″ teal; 1/4″ dark pink

ribbon scraps: white sheer, teal satin, white satin, teal polyester



paper trimmer


1. Cut the striped paper to fit in the pouch. Cut, layer and adhere the other papers to the striped paper as shown. Place inside the pouch.

2. Adhere the letters to the outside of the pouch using a strong glue meant to hold on plastic. I used a dimensional medium. Allow to dry.

3. Embellish with flowers and glitter tape. Ribbons: Cut and fold the ribbons in the middle. Push the middle of the ribbons through the hole in the pouch; make a loop. Pull the ribbon tails through the loop and close the loop. Trim the ribbon tails at an angle.

4. Finish: Open the pear clip and attach it to the pouch through the same hole as the ribbons. Close the clip. Ready for the honeymoon!

I hope you got some inspiration here today. I always like questions and comments. They can be left below.

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