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“BOO” Your Friends With The Gift Of Deflecto!

10/07/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Do you like to “BOO” your friends and neighbors? I have the perfect treat! This set of Interlocking Storage Organizers can be used for storing all kinds of supplies after the treats are gone. It only takes a few supplies to convert one to the perfect treat container!
For this project, I gathered just a few supplies.
Ribbons: 1-1/2″ black and white grosgrain; 3/8″ orange polka dot grosgrain.
Cardstock Paper: 12″ x 12″ white with black polka dots
Die Cut: 2-1/2″ Circle
Misc. embellishments
1. Cut the ribbon to fit around one container. Overlap the ends and adhere. Repeat for each container. Layer the orange ribbon over the top of the black and white ribbon.
2. Open the containers and adhere a polka dot circle to the top of each lid.
3. Add candy or other treats to the containers and replace the lids.
4. Make a loopy bow with the orange ribbon and adhere to the top of the cannister.
5. Adhere additional desired embellishments. (I adhered a black pom-pom to the top of the bow.)
6. Now it is ready to “BOO” somebody!
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