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Thankful Sign Holders

11/25/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Hi, crafters! Monica here sharing a creative way to use Deflecto’s Mini Slanted 3″ x 4″ Sign Holder. Each year as Thanksgiving approaches I try to come up with unique ways for my kids to express themselves. Since we all know after a certain age, it seems like they forget how to talk right… lol. So this year I took the mini frames, flipped them over and hung them almost like you would a stocking from your fireplace.
I simply added a piece of cardstock to the inside of the frame and then decorated the outside.
Once done then simply take your VersaGrip Wide Clip Sign Holders and clip it to the bottom of the Mini Frame.  I added a photo of my son and daughter and used words that I thought fit each kid the best.
Then I clipped a notepad onto each of them so that each day as we walk out or in we would see them and easily can take it off and write down something thankful. Then at the end of the month, we all sit and read what we wrote the entire month.
This is a super fun idea for the family. I hope everyone enjoyed my post and thanks for stopping by.

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