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Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizers Make Great Gifts!

12/23/2016 | Lynn Lilly
Hello everyone, Marilyn here today! JOY TO THE WORLD! Christmas is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about the gifts we want to give and how we want to decorate. I think everyone loves snowmen and Joy letters make gift giving fast and easy! Everyone loves a message of JOY, and you can bring others joy with the quick and easy design I am showing here today.
1-1/2″ embroidered letters: J O Y
rick rack: 1/2″ red
ribbon: 5/8″ black & silver; 12″
candle light: Snowman
candy or gift to place in the container
1. Remove release paper from the back of each letter and adhere to the canister as shown; one letter to each compartment.
2. Adhere a piece of ric-rac to the top of each compartment; not interfering with the lock. Line up the seams in the back.
3. Bend the sign dangler accordion fashion or as you would a fan. Remove the release paper from each end. Adhere one end to the top of the lid. Adhere the candle light snowman to the opposite end. This may take some extra adhesive to hold the light in place.
4. Fill the canister with candies or other surprises for the recipient. Finish with a bow under the chin!
Enjoy the coming holidays! A gift from the heart is always a pleasure for the giver and the receiver.
Merry Christmas and may you have a very happy New Year!

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