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Deflecto Storage For All Areas Of Your Home

1/10/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, everyone! Marilyn here today sharing my latest Deflecto project.
Deflecto storage is excellent for all sorts of things in the office and at home. I am giving my vanity an update and chose several Deflecto products that I love for this project! Shown below are 2 of the storage cubes that I have stacked and attached together with the metal connector that comes with each cube. The cubes can be arranged as side by side or stacking. I am using the Deflecto X-Divider Cube to hold cosmetic brushes and the like. Pencils, anything that lies flat can go in these compartments.
The Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizer comes with separate lids that come apart or stack. I have taken these apart, and I am using them as containers for cotton balls, cotton swabs, and wedge sponges. 
Pictured below are the components for the storage compartment that I created. Read on, to the next set of photos, and I will show you how to cut the burlap.
You will need:
Joy embroidered letters: 1-1/2″ Monogram black (I used my initials)
cording trim: beige in 1/8″ and 1/4″ (several yards of each)
Mod Podge: matte with brush
burlap with fleur del ur pattern
adhesives: glue gun; tacky glue
1. Measure the width and length that you want to cut your fabric. The cubes are 6″ x 6″. I measured and cut a 6″ x 30″ piece for the sides and the top. The back pieces were measured and cut in 6″ squares with the patterns matching up before adhering to the storage containers.
2. Find a string in the burlap and pull it the length of the piece you will be cutting. Pull the string all the way out without breaking it. If the string breaks, cut up to the place the string broke off and continue pulling the same string. This will give you the guide you need to cut the burlap straight and not get fraying.
3. Below is a photo of the burlap being cut along the guide line. This is a sure-fire way to cut your burlap and be happy with the results! Designer Tip: If you are cutting individual pieces for a placemat or the like; pull and remove the strings on each side to create a fringe.
4. I applied Matte Mod Podge to the surface of the storage bins and to the wrong side of the burlap. Make sure to cover your surface with wax paper or freezer paper before moving on with this step. Adhere the burlap to the top and sides of the containers. Then, finish by adhering the squares to the back. I left the bottom without fabric.
5. Use a glue gun (or whatever works best for you), to adhere the cording trim to the edges of the container as shown. 
6. Cording Medallions: Create the cording medallions by pinching one end of the cording together and gluing to a scrap of burlap. Continue by creating a spiral; gluing as you go; until you have the size that you desire. Cut the medallion out; concealing the burlap edges. Repeat for each medallion. Adhere to the storage container as shown.
7. For the storage containers: Separate into 3 containers with lids. Follow the instructions for the cording medallions and create a medallion for the inside of the top lid of each container. Adhere the monogram letters to the medallion inside each lid. Adhere cording around the outside edges; top and bottom of one container. Make sure not to interfere with the interlocking portion of the container. Repeat for the others. Finish: Apply medallion to the front of the cube storage and adhere a m
onogram letter. Enjoy!
Deflecto has your New Year’s Resolutions covered! We all aspire to clean up our clutter and make the new year bright, right?? Deflecto can be found in various craft stores and on Amazon. Check out the link given to peruse the products that are offered.
Thank you for checking out my blog today. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead….take the time to enjoy the small blessings along the way; and…
Live Life with a Flourish!

One thought on “Deflecto Storage For All Areas Of Your Home

  1. Only crafties can make organizing their craft things into a project of its own huh? I think you've done an excellent job in sprucing up those small little containers though! Hopefully it'll be a good motivation to use the little storage boxes more when you've used stuff in the craft room!

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