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Give A Little Love This Valentine’s Day!

2/03/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, Marilyn here today! Deflecto clear acrylic craft frames are a blank canvas. They are extremely versatile to be decorated and embellished and used as decor and/or signage for special events. With Valentine’s Day around the corner; I made this one into a wet-erase sign that can be used over and over with whatever you would like to write on it!
jewelry findings: round rhinestone frame with jump ring; 1/4″ silver jump ring
trim: faux rhinestone trim with self adhesive back
paper punch: 1″ round
dimensional medium: (Mod Podge Dimensional Magic)
cardstock: pink, black, vintage white with black writing
paper trimmer
ink to chalk the paper edges
1. The frame will lay at an angle with the “bottom” as the top and the “top” as the bottom. Cut the paper and adhere the layers as shown. All of the paper will be on the inside of the frame, between the front and back panels.
2. Remove the release paper from the banner hanger and attach to the top of the frame as shown.
3. Apply one drop of the dimensional medium to the inside of the jeweled frame. Press the paper circle into the frame and hold down until it is flat. Let dry in place. Apply more dimensional medium to the inner circle and allow to dry flat.
4. Attach the jeweled frame charm to the large jump ring and then attach the jump ring to the banner hanger as shown. 
5. Marker: Bend the sign dangler around the marker. Remove the pen and make sure the ends will fit between the panels of the frame. Remove the release paper from the dangler ends and adhere to the inside panels of the frame. Embellish: Cut a single strand of faux rhinestone trim and adhere it around the sign dangler as shown. Re-insert the marker into the pen holder that you just made.
6. Write on the outside of the frame with the wet erase marker. The writing can be removed with a baby wipe or with a wet paper towel. 
7. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; I wanted this one to be fitting with the holiday. Use your imagination and embellish the frame any way you like, to fit with your decor at home or office. 
Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way, and
Live Life with a Flourish!

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