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Jazz up your Deflecto storage!

3/28/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, Marilyn here today! The Interlocking Single Tilt Bins are one of my favorite storage products. I have used them as a single storage bin or assembled as a unit. I have decorated some of them with paint and craft supplies. I added some acrylic knobs for my latest project. I love the way they look, and knobs are easy to find these days!
If you decide to add some knobs to your storage you will need a few things to start:
1. Drill with a drill bit to match the size of the screw on your acrylic knob
2. Nut and washers to tighten the knob to the bin
3. Screwdriver to tighten the screw
4. A thick book or magazine (I used an old phone book) to drill on
5. Permanent marker to mark drill spot
Hope you got some inspiration here today. Make sure you have your plan well mapped out before getting started. You want to take good care of your storage bins!
Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,
Live Life with a Flourish!

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