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So Very Lucky Frame

3/03/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, all! Lorrie here today and March is the month for green! From the green of St. Patrick’s Day to the green of the grass and leaves that are popping out all over, March means seeing gorgeous shades of this color everywhere. So it was only natural that I showcase Deflecto’s 4″x6″ Green Craft Frame this month!
Materials needed:
Black and white felt or fabric (I used Oly*Fun fabric from Fairfield World)
glue dots
self-adhesive rhinestones (gold, yellow, or orange)
ribbon (I used rainbow ribbon, but you can also use separate ribbons in rainbow colors)
blue ink
patterned paper
alphabet stickers
How to create:
First, draw and cut a pot/kettle shape from the black fabric/felt and attach to the bottom right corner of the frame using glue dots (I find that glue dots work really well on these frames and they don’t show through the fabric). Then use the self-adhesive rhinestones to create the “gold” on top of the pot/kettle.
Next, draw and cut out cloud shapes from the white fabric/felt. Use blue ink to the edge and highlight the clouds to give your project more dimension. Attach to upper left corner of the frame using glue dots.
Attach ribbon using glue dots. Run the ribbon from the clouds down to the pot of gold along the side of the frame opening.
Use patterned paper to create a background to place inside the opening of the frame. Finally, use alphabet letters to spell out the sentiment. I placed the small letters on the paper, and the larger puffy letters on the outside of the frame to give the project, even more, dimension!
This little home decor piece is super easy and will show all your family and friends that you are a lucky gal!

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