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St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor Ideas

3/10/2017 | Lynn Lilly
St. Patrick’s Day is up for March and green is in! I love to have a few girlfriends over for a luncheon and a holiday is always a great reason to have a gathering! Here are a couple ideas for making St. Patrick’s Day special!
You will need: 
12″ x 12″ cardstock papers: Green, black with tiny white dots, black and white harlequin 
paper trimmer
digital St. Patrick’s Day signage, 3″ x 4-1/4″ (download from internet & size before printing)
1. Cut the green cardstock into four 6″ squares. Cut the black into 5-1/2″ squares; the damask paper into 5″ squares. Layer and adhere to the sides of the cube. Leave the bottom of the cube clear.
2. Apply any embellishments, rubber stamping, etc. to your liking.
3. Fill the compartments with dinnerware and napkins. Enjoy!
For the frame:
Cut the papers as shown in the photo given. Layer, adhere and place inside the frame.
Rosettes: Cut the green cardstock in strips (size depending on the width you would like your rosette to be).
Score and fold each strip. Make a circle, glue the edges together and secure by gluing a punched circle to the middle of the rosette. Repeat on the opposite side. I use hot glue for this step as it is easier. *Designer Note: You can google instructions on “how to make a paper rosette” if you could use a little help! 
Adhere your embellishments to the frame. I made the 3-D clover with punched hearts and circles. Sponge a little ink around the edges for a bit more depth to the embellishments.
Did you get some inspiration here today? I hope so! Take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate life and friends! Thanks for taking the time to stop by the blog today!
Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,
Live Life with a Flourish!

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