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Acrylic Deflecto Frame on my Way

5/10/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello dear friends, Martha Lucia here to show you a project that I made using a 4″x6″ Purple Deflecto Craft Frame. If you know me, you know that I love to work with frames and a few months ago I created a Spring Botanical Acrylic Frame, and I received a lot of private messages and comments asking me about this project. 
I made this using die cuts and the wonderful Double Sided paper foil. You can see this project HERE. Today I have a similar concept but using a stencil with embossing paste. Take a look at today’s Craft Frame:

  Maybe you are asking why I am using the gold clips if this is a frame? Well. I could put the quote inside of the frame, but also I can use this frame for other things. For example to hold my jewelry, don’t you think?

It all depends on what I want to do at the moment or the decorations that I have available. I really want to show you how versatile these kinds of frames are and how you can change your mind in a few seconds by only using a few elements. In this case, I only added the two clips and the gold rub on. These frames aren’t only for photos, they are for many things, and you can create your own versions – this is just what I made. 
But let me show in a few steps how I made the feathers:
  I just masked the border with a painters tape and secured the stencil. Then I applied the Gold embossing paste with a palette and removed easily. Finally, I removed the border tape and let the paste dry. Easy and fun and the best part is that I can create the design that I want and I can use this idea with all the Deflecto frames. 

 I hope my project inspired you and that you choose to experiment not only with your pastes and stencils but with your frames too. They are unique, and you can personalize and make them totally your own. 
 See you soon! 

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