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Great Solutions for Small Rooms

5/16/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, dear crafty friends! Martha Lucia here to share with you my organization experience. My atelier or craft room is very small, and as usual, I have a lot of things that “I need to have” or use to create my paper crafts, but because I have problems remembering where I put things, I love to have them visible to don’t forget them or duplicate. After experimenting with many things and looking around a lot, I found on Deflecto Craft Great Solutions for my Small Room!
I have a lot of small bottles with glimmers, inks, paints and embossing powders without counting my growing marker collection and Deflecto Craft has different designs of cubes that can be stacked according to our needs. These stackable cubes come totally clear or with black sides and clear fronts. Personally, I love them totally clear. They have different interior designs, for now, I am using cubes of 2 drawers, 4 drawers, and X-cubes. And today, I am also showing you the Interlocking Marker Organizer that will be available to buy very soon!
The 2 drawers cube is the perfect place to organize the embossing powders, glitters, and sparkles and see exactly the colors that I have. Can you believe that in each drawer I can store 16 bottles of embossing powder or 32 bottles of embossing powder in a cube with 2 drawers!!! I am totally fascinated by the 4 drawers cube. I store 16 bottles of Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist in this cube, and you know that these bottles aren’t small, but they fix perfectly in these drawers.
And what I can tell you about the X-cube, it is the perfect place to have all my markers classified by type or colors, and if I want, I can carry the cube to my desk or painting place. I am actually using 6 cubes in my Atelier. They are interlocked and fit perfectly on one shelf of my wall storage.
With Deflecto Crafts not only do I have the organization of my Atelier, but I also have the inspiration to work and enjoy my tools! 
See you soon!

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