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Bead Storage Organization

6/24/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hello, everyone! Today I want to share with you more craft room organization with Deflecto. If you visited me for a long time you know that I was jewelry maker until discovered the inks and stamps but my passion for beads and metals was only sleeping for a while because I continue using jewelry and dreaming of having more time to create my own jewelry. Well now I am finding this time, and Deflecto is helping me to organize my jewelry stuff again…woohooo!
I have hundred of beads, and I needed to rescue them from my storage to see exactly what I had and this Deflecto Craft Tilt Bin 4 Bin is perfect for this, but I have to confess that I needed more than one. They are interlocking, clear, you can stack and connect units together to create your own modular design that can be mounted or used on a desktop. It is an amazing product!!! 
Initially, I put my individual beads in clear bags until I had time to make the classification of the beads. However, I have some strings that I put individually in the bins, and I noticed that these bins tilt effortlessly and stay open while in use and are also easily removable for cleaning and refilling.
My plan is to build my own model with several Craft Tilt Bin 4 Bins and separate the beads according to material and colors and have one 4 unit exclusive for my metal pieces.
Definitely, Deflecto Crafts has the best Craft Storage elements, and you don’t need to have big spaces to organize your craft room because you can build your own space with this modular storage. If you want to see more Craft Storage solutions from Deflecto Crafts click HERE
 See you soon with more craft room organization! 

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