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Toddler Sorting Bins

9/22/2017 | Lynn Lilly
Hey y’all! It’s Anita from The Flamingo Chronicals, and today I want to share a fun toddler game I made. We are all about toddler skills at both houses, and I think the princess is going to love this one! She absolutely loves to sort these colorful macaroni pieces I found at the Indian Market. I think it’s the bright colors that attract her attention.
I started with three bins from the 9 Bin Carousel Rotating Organizer. I used the carousel as a desktop organizer (see it here), but I had 3 of the small bins left over. They are perfect for this little game!
I started by covering the bins with layers of fun patterned paper. Our princess has a propensity to pick at loose things. So I used some SUPER sticky double sided tape to cover the whole back of the papers. Double sided tape works beautifully for attaching items to these bins.
Layered felt flowers cut with Eileen Hull’s die from Sizzix decorate the front of the bins. I used hot glue to attach the VersaGrip™ Magnetic Sign Sign Holder inside each bin. I also used hot glue to attach the macaroni pieces to the labels before inserting them in the sign holders.
I made several sets of die cut labels so I can change out the things we are sorting. I dressed up the label edges with ink and some faux stitching.

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