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De-cluttering for the New Year with Deflecto!

1/16/2018 | Lynn Lilly

Happy New Year!  Wishing us all a wonderful and blessed New Year!  May all your dreams come true for 2018!  Would you like to know my dream for the new year?  It is actually the same one that I have every year!  I dream of having my studio completely cleaned up and organized as well as the rest of my house! 

I think fighting clutter is high on the list for most of us.  By the time Christmas is over, I can barely get to my desk in the studio! There are boxes and clutter everywhere!  Since I love to work in this room without the clutter, I have decided to take it in hand and attempt to start fresh for this year.
I am taking some pictures of where I am now, and the great products I have to help me get organized.
This is a picture of a portion of the studio as I walk through the door.  I have actually been sorting through things and eliminated a lot of boxes, but still, have a long way to go.  I will post another blog once I work my way through all of this and show you how it turned out!
In the photo below I am showing a bookshelf that is filled with some of my Deflecto storage.  I have various sizes of tilt out interlocking multi-bin storage organizer that fit together for storing smaller things like flowers, embellishments, hardware, etc. I am going to empty everything and make it more efficient as I have a tendency to put things out of sight without giving it much thought.  Sound familiar?  
The tilt-out bins can be removed which allows for 2 different modes of storage.  The tilt bin can be used to hold pens as you can see on the upper shelf to the left.  Right below that is a newer product made especially for holding pens.  These interlock and you can add as many as you like.  They can be stood upright or put on their sides as shown.  These also fit nicely into the new caddy storage that is very popular with crafters and makers.  Here is another view below.  On the top of the shelf are more Deflecto storage products that I have used for various purposes.
The photo below features one of my favorite products from Deflecto.  These are interlocking 4-bin units that can be taken apart and used as a single compartment.  I have added knobs to the front of some of the bins; others I made into a candy bin with knobs decorating the top.  Right now, I have them all interlocked into a unit and I need to organize everything that is in the bins.  I love these!  They are fun and easy to alter if you like to personalize your decor.  You can separate the bins and use them as gifts, personalizing them for the recipient.
The next photo shown is a close-up of my favorite bins.  If you look close at the lower left hand quad, you will see the clear acrylic knobs that I attached to the bins.  I love the way these look!  You can purchase 1 bin at a time, or purchase them in a package of 4.
If you share my pain with clutter, leave me a message if you have any organizing tips that work well for you!  
I will be back with an update on my de-clutter!  Leave me a comment if you have any special tips!  My special tip is donate, donate, donate! Lol!

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