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One Caddy Many Ways

1/23/2018 | Lynn Lilly

Hi Everyone!
Alexandra from the Hedgehog Hollow here.  First of all thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my make up organizer last month; it was a very popular present, and lots of friends have requested one! I feel a video tutorial coming on!! Today I wanted to explore in a bit more details some of the other ways we use the caddy around the house; they are so versatile and can be customized for any hobby or room.  I especially love that you can stack them and also add wheels which gives them even more versatility. Like this…

The caddy has three sizes of boxes, a single, double or triple and you have three slots on either side to utilize; you can see the sizes below:
In the picture above you can see we store cables in these too; every gadget comes with a cable these days. These are perfect for storing them in. This one happens to be for my husband’s photography things. He has one for keeping cleaning things in, another with clips. Plus, he stores adapters, spare batteries, etc. in all of them and then he stacks them on wheels so when we are shooting around the house, it’s easy for him to move around.  You can also take up a slot with a pen holder…

In the picture above I added makeup brushes, but you can store Copics, markers, gel pens, paintbrushes and more; so whatever your hobby or wherever you need some storage this is great for things you need easily accessible.  I have one of these in my pantry with food coloring and more cake decorating supplies that I use less often.  I have given one to a friend who loves adult coloring books, she keeps all her supplies in there.  I also have some for the girls craft supplies, in the picture below you can see Tilly’s crayons and Maddi’s ribbons…

Thanks so much for joining me today; I’m super excited to see what Deflecto is launching at Creativation because these caddies are awesome!
See you next month!

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