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Time to Get Organized – My Favorite Tips

1/05/2018 | Lynn Lilly
Are you crazy about organization like I am? I simply cannot create unless everything in my studio is in its proper place. Deflecto products are simply great at helping me keep everything in order and where it belongs. Here are my favorite products and tips for getting your craft space organized.
Craft Tilt Bins™ are one of the best ways to help keep order. You can fill a wall with them -and store more than you can imagine. Here I have organized paints, mediums, brushes, and inks all in one place. I have removed some of the actual bins to better store my smaller bottles of paint.
Everything in this bin went into the Craft Tilt Bins™ above. Everything is so much easier to see, get to, and work with now.
I also have a set of the Interlocking Stacking Tower Organizers on top of the bins. Remember their lids store safely on the bottom of each piece so they never get lost! I have assorted brushes, pens, and other odd size things in them that I use regularly.
Stackable Cube Organizers are great for storing things that are a little taller. Here I have my set of Tombow Dual Brush Markers (which are TALL) in one of the “X” bins. I also store washi tape and small Xyron machines in this set. These cubes easily attach on the sides so that they are stable on your shelf or table.
More Cube Organizers and Interlocking Stacking Tower pieces keep my stationary and smaller bits and pieces corralled and neat. Use a fancy punch and cardstock to add labels to the front of your drawers so you can see what is in each one. 
The Rotating Organizer was a real life saver to clean up the clutter on my desk. I had multiple small buckets that took up a lot of room. By removing the tops from the bins I am able to store my most used supplies right on my desk in very little space. The very best thing – it SPINS! So I can easily reach whatever I want quickly.
I store my adhesives, pens, additional brushes, my camera all in one small spot. I toss odd and end embellishments in two of the bins. Those little bits that are left from a package of embellishments go in here so they are front and center; I am able to use them up without forgetting about them in a drawer.
Hands down my favorite piece are the Stackable Caddy Organizer. Y’all — I LOVE these things. Seriously. Go get yourself some right now. I’ll wait. ….. Are you back?  These caddies are AMAZING. Here you can see my Interlocking Marker Organizers in the top caddy. I love these because they have flexible grids inside that hold markers and pens in a variety of sizes.
Do you go away to crops? These are great for travel. You can fill them up,, stack them up, head off to crop, and be prepared to beat people off with a stick. I’m not kidding. We all know space is at a premium when at a crop, so you can store a huge amount of supplies in a little bitty footprint.
That’s it! My very favorite storage tips for getting your craft space organized. I hope you give some of these a try. Be sure to post your photos on the Deflec
to Facebook page
– I would love to see them!

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