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Valentine’s Day Frames With Deflecto

2/23/2018 | Lynn Lilly
Thanks for stopping by. Today I am back with a Deflecto project, well actually two. 🙂 I altered these frames for Valentine’s theme projects and I love the results, it was fast and easy.  Deflecto Craft Frames makes it easy with their clear frames and others to where we can just insert an image and/or embellish the outside of the frame.  Below are just some ideas of what I did.
On this pink frame, I added the silver foil designs in the corners and on the edges of the frame using my own adhesive and then rubbing the foil I had left. You can see in the picture below what I mean.
Here is my finished project:

Next, I decided to create another one with a frame I had received previously from DT package.

Here I used Deflecto – Clear 8×10 Craft Frame.
I did the same process but used gold foil instead and different foil transfer designs.
Below you can find the supplies I used to create these projects:
The hearts are 6″ paper doilies I got from my local craft store.
I attached drawer pulls at the top o the frame with E6000 and it held it perfectly to the frame.
This is the Foil Transfer I used and the Gold Foil.
Here is a close-up pic of the silver foil transfers. The foil sets perfectly to the frame. You might want to get transfer designs that have the adhesive incorporated, it makes it so much easier to set.
The glare on the frames does not let the beautiful silver and gold foil show its true colors.
In person, it is a lot prettier. If you have any questions, I will more than happy to answer.
Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I’ve inspired you with some love theme pieces.

You can find these products at Amazon, or Target online and sometimes

at Hobby Lobby. Make sure you check for the best prices.


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