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Anybody Organized Challenged? Deflecto to the Rescue!

3/30/2018 | Lynn Lilly

Spring is here!  Time to get organized!
I am building my storage over time.  Your personal storage can be built around your shelving or attached to the wall.  There are brackets to hang the multi-bin storage to give you more space.  My studio is full to the brim and it will take me time to get everything under control!  I love my Deflecto storage for getting my supplies organized!

For getting your Spring cleaning started you will need:

  • Deflecto Interlocking Multi-Bin Storage Organizer:  5 Bin Unit #20503CR; 6 Bin Unit #20603CR
  • Deflecto Sign Tags with chalk pen #899112RT
  • Washi Tape:  black and white, 1″ wide
  • Scissors    


1.  Unwrap the interlocking bins.  Follow the instructions and attach one bin to the other.

2.  Use a white label that comes with the bins to create the black labels that can be written on with the chalk pen.  How?  Measure and mark on one black sign tag the size of tag you will need.  Cut out using a sturdy craft scissor.  Slide into the slot on the front of the bin.  Use the chalk pen to write on the black label that you made.  Repeat for each bin. *Note:  Look closely at the bottom photos and you can see my chalkboard labels.  I haven’t written on them yet.

3.  Apply the washi tape in rows to the white top surface of the top unit.  Refer to the photo given below and apply tape to the ridge at the top of each bin.  Fold under or trim excess tape.

4.  Repeat for the bins on the bottom row of storage.  


You can find Deflecto products at Amazon and at most major craft stores.

Happy Organizing!

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