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Fall Wall File Holder

10/15/2019 | Lynn Lilly

Spruce up your office cubical or craft space with these Fall wall file holders.

Materials Needed:

Take your preferred fabric or cover and cut to size of the wall file. Leave a little extra to fit sides as needed.
Apply cover to the outside of the file holder and wrap around the sides. Tape or hot glue to the inside flap as you go making sure everything is smooth. Cover the entire surface and secure it before cutting the screw holes. It’s easier to poke through the fabric with your nail from the wall file to create the hole needed for hanging the holder.
Tip: It was easier to do the sides of the tray first before fixing the front to make sure it was smooth and the fabric would cover the entire surface.
If you used glue, let dry. Once dry, use a credit card to flatten out any lumps that could be on the surface.
Hang the wall file in your space following the manufacturer’s instructions! If using tape, you can change out the paper for the different holidays and seasons to really get festive!

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