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An Organizing Solution for the Junk Drawer

12/13/2019 | Lynn Lilly

We all hate the dreaded junk drawer, but most of us have them. Junk drawers are the family dumping ground for anything you don’t know what to do with. They hold things like pet toys, rubber bands, and other miscellaneous items. The worst part you can never find what you are looking for!   

Do you have a junk drawer that needs organizing?  

Design team member, Nadine Carlier had one of those drawers and decided to do something about it. She used Deflecto’s Carousel Rotating Organizer as the perfect solution for cleaning out her junk drawer. Since the carousel rotates, she moved it into the pantry and can move it around to find the bin she needs. As a bonus, she says “I can now use that drawer in my kitchen for kitchen things.” The bins are clear making it easy to see what is in each one.

Each bin is a clear canister and has a snap-tight lid that can be easily removed to get what you need.

You can read Nadine’s full post here.

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