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Interlocking Tilt Bins…All around the House

12/09/2019 | Lynn Lilly

It doesn’t matter if you need a little or a lot of help organizing. The Deflecto Interlocking Tilt Bins are great to use all around the house. We have a few organizing ideas to get you started.

For the Kids:

Kids are the number #1 mess makers around most homes. The Interlocking Tilt Bins are great for playdoh, Legos and other art supplies.

In the Bathroom:

Hair ties, makeup, cotton swabs, toothpaste, you name it! Clear up the clutter on the bathroom counter.

In the Garage:

There are so many bits and pieces to organize out in the garage. Perfect in Mancaves too.

In the Nursery:

The Interlocking Tilt Bins are perfect for keeping things handy when your hands are full.

In the Craft Room:

The tilt bins are interlocking and stackable. Great for storage needs all around the house, wherever you need a little extra storage. The nice thing about the interlocking single tilt bins is that you can use just one or use several. They can also be hung on the wall or used with the mounting bar.

Create Store, Create More or #Cr8StoreCr8More for storage

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