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Garage Organization with Interlocking Tilt Bin® Storage

2/08/2024 | helenz

So many small tools and supplies are kept in the garage, some used often and others on occasion. Whether you are super crafty or only have the necessary tools for home repairs, chances are you need a good system for organizing. Suppose you have a metal box or tub filled with important and useful items that would be better off in clear organizers that make them easy to find and grab. In that case, Deflecto’s Interlocking Tilt Bin Storage Organizers are a perfect solution.

Each set of Tilt Bins comes individually wrapped and includes extra accessories. There are mounting accessories for hanging the bins, as well as custom-cut sheets to label the bins. 

These multi-bin storage organizers are great for storing and organizing things of many different sizes. Offered in 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer, 6-drawer, and 9-drawer options that all interlock and stack securely to create a modular solution for different needs. Its dovetail design ensures a strong and sturdy connection between stacked bins.

The 3-drawer option is perfect for storing small tools and accessories.  Each drawer accommodates tools like staple guns, power tool batteries, and sanding supplies.

Occasionally, simply tilting the bin and accessing what’s needed suffices without having to remove the entire unit. This feature is particularly handy for storing items like nails, rubber bands, nuts, bolts, and screws. Thanks to its remarkable design, the smaller five-bin Tilt Bin snugly sits atop the three-bin configuration. Tilt Bins can be stacked to varying heights, offering versatile vertical storage solutions. This is especially crucial in the garage, where floor space is reserved for larger items and equipment.

Garage storage is critical for organization and maximizing space. It helps keep tools, equipment, and items easily accessible, promoting efficiency and reducing clutter. Proper storage also protects belongings from damage, ensuring they remain in good condition over time. Additionally, an organized garage enhances safety by allowing for better navigation within the space.

Utilize the clear bins for smaller items, and label everything for easy identification. Creating designated bins for specific tool categories can further enhance organization, especially if you have a lot.

I am excited to try a few more sizes to mix, match, and stack, which will allow me to add a few larger items to my storage solution.

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